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BHUTAN, a small country in the heart of eastern Himalayas, greatly known to the world today for its amazing development philosophy based on “GROSS NATIONAL HAPPINESS”. The same country that values the happiness of its people over economic development of the country had initiated a systematic eviction of its citizen of Nepali origin in early 1990s that forced over a hundred thousand Bhutanese of Nepali origin to leave their country under various pretexts. Since then the Bhutanese refugee had spent two decades in seven different refugee camps in eastern Nepal waiting a call for repatriation, but that never materialized. Lost hope of these frustrated refugees was rekindled when the core group of countries came up with the third country resettlement programs which formally begin in early 2008. Over the period of three years more than two thousand Bhutanese were resettled in Colorado alone and the arrival is ongoing. As the population of Bhutanese community in Colorado is growing in a rapid pace, To read more click here!!!

Message from Chairman:

The Global Bhutanese Community of Colorado (GBCC) is a community-based non-profit organization founded in 08-16-2010 to help New Refugees living in the state of Colorado to achieve a better quality of life. The GBCC strives to achieve this goal through need-based community development projects in the state of Colorado. Its role is to support and empower needy individuals, new refugee families and provide direction for successful integration into the mainstream community. The present Board of GBCC is highly indebted to all the intellectuals who contributed their ideas, thoughts, writings, time and energy to bring this organization at this shape. Similarly, the GBCC cannot stay away without thanking all the individuals who selflessly volunteered in the beginning to form the GBCC and still working. In the meantime,To read more click here!!!

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